How to use Jump as a part of your workout routine...


FIRST, Cleanse before & after workout routine.

SECOND, Toners after workout and cleansing.

NEXT, Serums post workout and after cleansing and toning.

FINALLY, Creams in between workouts.


Unique Ingredients Hear What Jump’s Athletes Are Saying


Steven M Hacker, MD

Co-creator of Jump & Board-Certified Dermatologist

Did you know?

A study from Fit Rated, a fitness equipment review site, found that gym weights have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat.

Any hot sweaty environment can foster the growth of bacteriaand fungi. Public areas, where other bodies, towels, equipment, benches, floors are shared, can infect, transmit and communicate “ringworm”, bacteria folliculitis, and viral infections.

The 6 most common skin conditions contacted in sweaty environments, during exercise, training and in gyms, studios or in any work out area are: View All

WhyJump? Jump ingredients harnesses the power of good skincare to make you look your best….

  • Cleanses & Exfoliates
  • Decongests pores
  • Clarifies
  • Stimulates & Tones

So, you can feel good…

  • Refreshes& revitalizes
  • Repairs & rebuilds
  • Lubricates & hydrates

At the time, you most need to perform your best…before, during and after working out

  • When your skin is craving hydration and fluidity
  • Vascular cutaneous dilation is at its peak
  • Pore size and skin absorption are most vulnerable
  • When you want to show off the body you’ve worked so hard to keep in shape.

look good. feel good. perform better.

Working out and exercise can have the following immediate effects to your skin:

  • Induces oxidative stress, fatigue and free radical damage to cells.
  • Makes our skin look tired, fatigued and less youthful.
  • Results in dehydration and transepidermal water loss.
  • Results in cutaneous vasodilation and changes in pore size during intense exercise.
  • Is associated with truncal acne, folliculitis, and various other skin infections.
  • Can cause chafing, rashes and irritation.
  • Facilities, gyms and spas often expose us to germs, impurities, bacteria, fungal and viruses.

"There is no conceivable good explanation to instruct an athlete to wait to apply skin care either hours before or hours after the cutaneous changes of exercise have taken place- The best time to apply specifically designed creams with targeted purpose and reparative ingredients is immediately before and after the workout, when pores are open, vascularity is dilated, and the skin substrate is primed for absorption."

Steven M Hacker, MD-board certified dermatologist
Co-Founder of Jump Pre and Post Work Out Skincare

Simplicity of use

Pre Workout


Prime Or Stretch

Massage a pea-sized amount of PRIME Or STRETCH in a circular motion on moistened skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Post Workout


Stimulate Or Flow

Shower or wash skin immediately following that killer workout. Then, wet a cloth/cotton pad with STIMULATE Or FLOW and stroke on skin covering the tired muscles.

Post Workout


Crave Or Rehydrate

Your skin is now craving hydration. Quench by spreading a pea size amount of CRAVE Or REHYDRATE evenly over fatigued muscles.

Post Workout


Restore Or Cool Down

Massage small amount of RESTORE Or COOL DOWN into hydrated skin. Reward your body for today's exercise.

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Its simple, its better for you.

Our co-founder, Dr. Steven Hacker, a board certified dermatologist believes that prior to Jump, skin care has been advised and taught incorrectly . “The current dogma is flawed. It is really simple, the most important time to use skin care is before and after working out. I can say that after 25 years of taking care of athletes, professional and amateurs alike, and seeing what physiologic changes occur before, during and after working out. That’s why we created Jump pre and post work out skin care,” says Dr. Hacker. “The best time to to apply specifically designed creams with certain reparative ingredients is before and after the workout, when pores are open, vascularity is dilated, and the skin substrate is primed for absorption,” Dr. Hacker maintains.

Jump’s products have contemplated the innate differences in rugged and gentle skin. Several studies have compared the biophysical properties of the skin between rugged and gentle skin types. For some parameters, the same results were generally reported. For other more notable examples, however, differences were observed. For instance, sebum content is often higher in more rugged skin. Also, skin pigmentation and thickness are significantly higher, facial wrinkles are deeper, and facial sagging is more prominent in rugged skin types. There appears to be no significant difference in skin elasticity between the rugged and gentle skin types. The presence, distribution and density of facial and body hair has been taken into consideration in formulating these products and kits. Rugged skin is approximately 25% thicker and with more collagen than more gentle skin.  

Skin cleansers are surface active substances (i.e. emulsifiers/detergents/surfactants/soaps) that lower the surface tension on the skin and help mechanically remove dirt, sebum, oil from cosmetic products, microorganisms, and exfoliated corneum cells in an emulsified form. An ideal cleanser should do all these without damaging or irritating the skin, on the contrary it should try to keep the skin surface moist.

Jump’s products have set the standard on how to gently remove surface dirt, sweat, impurities, germs and excessive skin lipids without irritating or drying the skin.

Simply, those of our products that have the Vegan designation do not contain any animal products or derivatives. Please read our labels and ingredients for those particular products.

Simply, All of our products are manufactured consistent with our mantra of cruelty free. This means, there is no testing on animals. Plain and simple. We do not do animal testing nor do our suppliers do animal testing, nor do we pay people to do animal testing for us.

Jump Skincare provides complete transparency with their products. Since Jump Skincare typically provides larger size packages to our customers, you should understand cost per use that when comparing to other products or estimating true cost.

As a result , we provide the following to help our athletes understand exactly how much they are buying and how long it should last.

First, some assumptions:
#1 - We recommend, nor more than one pea size amount of our product be used on for each muscle group.
#2 - We will assume that you will use a pea size amount for each set of muscle groups and body area.
#3 - We will assume when you use Jump’s products, you will be treating several body areas before work out. For simplicity, we will assume 3 body areas.
#4 - Each pea size amount equals approximately .25 grams, .008 ounces or .23 ml. (based on Int Dent J. 2013 Dec;63 Suppl 2:25-30. How much is a 'pea-sized amount?... Jonathan Creeth 1, Mary Lynn Bosma, Katherine Govier)
#5 - Assumes average person works out 3 days a week.

Based on the above assumptions, the products in your kit will last anywhere from 3 months RESTORE AND REHYDRATE) to 6 months (STIMULATE AND FLOW) , These are approximations only and not guaranteed as they will vary by individual and based on the frequency of use, size of dollops used, body and muscle mass, weight and height.

If you exercise regularly and daily, using all 4 products may typically cost less than $1.00 per workout*.

That is less than you will pay for a Bottle of Water.

And, less than a can of Red Bull.

And much less than a small (Tall) Coffee at Starbucks.

Keeping your skin and muscles looking youthful and their best are definitely worth the $1.00 per workout.

*These are approximations only and not guaranteed as they will vary by individual and based on the frequency of use, size of dollops used, body and muscle mass, weight and height.

Several advantages to Jump’s Auto-renewal plan:

1. Savings over the regular one time kit price

2. Never forget to re-order, so always have products available before your next workout.

3. Can cancel any future shipment at any time with no penalty or cost.


First, our founders created Pre and Post workout skincare, we recognized its importance by observing athletes and how their skin is impacted by their activity. Prior to Jump, pre and post work out skincare was overlooked.

So, we know this field inside and out.

Jump is different.

Each step contains unique special ingredients that when formulated together Dr. Hacker knew he would achieve superior results specifically targeted to the needs of our athletes and their skin conditions.

Jump’s special ingredients formulated together are specifically made to contemplate the timing of use before working out, before sweating and after exhaustion, at our most susceptible time, when pores are dilated, vascularity enhanced, and skin substrate primed.

So, take a look under the hood and see if you agree.

Here are just a few of Jump’s Unique ingredients found in our pre and post workout products:

1. Arnica Extract- (Stimulating & anti-septic effect)
2. Mixed Fruit Complex of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Naturally derived exfoliators)
3. Cucumber, Sage, Geranium & Witch Hazel Extracts- (Stimulating & toning)
4. Green Tea Extract and Vitamin A, C & E- (anti-oxidant protection)
5. Mimetic Peptides (structure and collagen)
6. Liposomes & Encapsulated Tri-peptides
7. Cross linked & Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (fibroblast )
8. Macadamia seed, Hazelenut seed & Cucumber oils (transepidermal water loss)
9. Micro-spheres Optical Diffusers (brightening)
10. Hydrolyzed Collagen & Elastin (structure)
11. Aloe Barbadensis Extract
12. Five Mineral Complex (Silicon, Iron, Copper, Magnesium & Zinc) (cell metabolism & regeneration)
13. Aloe extract (emolliency)
14. Wheat Germ Oil (softening)
15. Manuka Honey Extract (calming and conditioning)
16. Vitamin A, C & E (Anti-oxidants)
17. Jojoba, Macadamia, & Sunflower Oils-(Soothing while cleansing and exfoliating)
18. Aluminum oxide crystals- (Exfoliate & Micro-dermabrasion)
19. Apricot Seed Powder- (Exfoliate)
20. Orange Peel Oil- (Brightening)

Fitness Trainer

Great find!!

“Usually not big on skincare but I heard about a friend using this so I gave it a try and I absolutely love it!! Makes my skin feel so clean and fresh after working out. I even feel better while I'm exercising. Such a great find!!!!!”

- Ivy

Well worth it!

“3 weeks into using these and I love the results. Skin feels clean and smooth. I like having the options for pre/post workout and the different effects of each are apparent immediately.”

- Riley

thank god for jump!!!

“the best set i've ever purchased. i'm not going back!! i love finally having a line of products catered towards my active lifestyle!”

- Sasha P.

GREAT find

“I was hesitant to switch up my skincare routine but I heard about a friend using this so I gave it a try and I absolutely love it!! Makes my skin feel so clean and fresh after working out. It's been a little over three weeks and I am already so excited about the results. SO glad I made the switch”

- ivy B.