Our collective consciousness… Helping Homeless with Hygiene program

  • We are all part of the same interrelated community.
  • Jump founded on the philosophy of donating hygiene to those in need.
  • The more kits we sell, the more cleansers we donate.
  • Jump supports the- "One Planet One Health"
  • Jump has a "Sense of Us"
  • Jump is committed to giving back to help the homeless with providing cleansers for hygiene.
  • At Homeless shelters, hygiene is a critical requirement. We know , here at Jump, that good skin care hygiene can help reduce spread of germs. This is critically important in the close living of homeless shelters.
  • Jump’s mission is giving back to help the homeless help themselves with good hygiene.

Jump has selected Simply The Basics, The Nation’s Premier Hygiene Bank as our non-profit partner because our missions are aligned. As they have stated, “The most basic human needs are to feel safe and healthy”, and in keeping with this, Jump will donate 2 cleansers: PRIME for men and STRETCH for women, for every 10 kits sold.