Our founders

Jump was founded by Elliot Hacker, a fitness, socially conscious, senior at University of California at Berkeley, and Dr. Steven Hacker, founder of Skinstore.com and board-certified dermatologist in Delray Beach, Florida. Dr. Hacker has spent the last 25 years treating the skin of professional and amateur athletes. This experience led him to develop skin solutions to help athletes with working out and skin problems associated with it.

The Jump founders had a singular purpose.

Create a skin care line designed specifically to address the common concerns of all athletes, amateur and professional.

We know what’s important to athletes for their skincare:

  • Keep skin looking youthful and moisturized
  • Accentuate the appearance that results from a commitment to fitness and healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduce the likelihood of spread of germs and skin infections
  • Reduce the likelihood of common rashes seen in gym, such as Acne, Folliculitis, Bacterial, Fungal, Viral infections, Stretch marks (striae), Razor burns, and Chafing.
  • Help others that may not have access to pre- and post work out skincare.

The Jump team defined four critical endpoints:

Accentuate the appearance of the muscle’s Jump products must make you look good!

Include a focus on hygiene to combat the risks of bacteria, fungus, and viral infections in public spaces. Jump Products must promote skin hygiene!

Provide pre and post work out benefits Jump Products must help invigorate and energize pre-work out and relax post work out.

Giving Back-Jump team must be committed to “doing good” for those without access to Jump’s products.

Formulating excellence with a conscience

So first, we source, the best products, all of them cruelty free, paraben free and all manufactured in US. And then we Formulate with the best ingredients available enabling us to create products with a purpose.

Committed to helping others

Jump’s commitment to working with homeless shelters around San Francisco to promote hygiene and provide skin care cleansers to those less fortunate.