Changing The Rules of Skincare

Jump is committed to providing the highest quality scientifically advanced ingredients in a dermatologist created skin care line affordable for everyone. We come from a unique vantage point: a veteran dermatologist and a socially conscious recent graduate of UC Berkeley. Together, we set out to provide the highest quality ingredients in a skincare line that uniquely provides 3 benefits: anti-aging, anti-acne/blemish and anti-dryness-all in one product line. Jump was developed with those guiding principles in mind.

There should be no cost related roadblocks to your skincare goals. And, at Jump, we define success as your own satisfaction with achievement of your own goals, relating to and having skin that look's the best it possibly can.

We hope you agree and join us as we change the rules of skincare one work out at a time.

Our founders

Jump was founded by Elliot Hacker, a fitness, socially conscious, graduate from University of California at Berkeley, and Dr. Steven Hacker, founder of and board-certified dermatologist in Delray Beach, Florida. Dr. Hacker has spent the last 28 years treating the skin of tens of thousands of patients. As a result of this experience, Elliot and Dr. Hacker decided to create the highest quality skincare line at affordable prices, essentially bringing products Dr. Hacker developed for his patients, to everyone. 

The Jump founders had a singular purpose.

Give consumers a dermatologist created skin care line using the highest quality ingredients but making sure it would be affordable for everyone. 

We know what’s important for skincare:

  • Anti-aging Benefits-Keep your skin looking as youthful as possible.
  • Anti- acne Benefits- Keep your skin looking as blemish free as possible.
  • Anti-dry skin Benefits -Keep your skin from dryness with potent moisturizing properties.
  • Finally- Make high quality skincare affordable.

The Jump team defined four critical endpoints:

Accentuate your best appearance- Jump products must make you look good!

Include a focus on the highest quality socially conscious ingredients. Jump Products must represent the best ingredients in skincare!

Provide moisturizing, anti-aging, and anti-acne benefits Jump Products must provide the ability to improve aging skin, acne prone skin and dry skin.

Must be affordable-Jump team must be committed to making these products affordable for everyone's budget.

Formulating excellence with a conscience

So first, we source, the best products, all of them cruelty free, paraben free and all manufactured in US. And then we Formulate with the best ingredients available enabling us to create products with a purpose.

Committed to helping everyone

Jump’s commitment is to keeping the highest quality skincare ingredients affordable for everyone's budget.