For Our Corporate Partners

Do your clients care about fitness, health, and wellness? Do they exercise on a regular basis? Are you looking for additional passive top line revenue with no inventory, no sales force and no additional cost…

And, best of all, you can help your clients at the same time by helping them protect their skin during working out, keeping it hygienic and healthy and youthful appearing. Jump Pre & Post Workout Skincare is dermatologist developed, conceived and created, with the highest quality products specifically formulated for optimal pre and post work out results.

For more information about becoming a corporate partner, please contact us at or chat with us now.

How ?

Just add this

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Jump Skin" width="185" height="147"></a>


to any and all of your client communications such as emails, digital newsletter, Instagram posts, FB page.

How Your Members Benefit ?

  1. Show your members your unique commitment to pre and post work out hygiene, skin fitness and long term skin health
  2. Add new revenue from digital outreach (email or newsletter) with no in gym sales, inventory or stock, no brick and mortar effort.
  3. Give your members access to Jump’s Pre & Post Workout skincare products at special rate (10% off) with your code.


What’s involved ?

  1. Put a promotional message/banner/hyperlink with member savings code in your:
    1. e-newsletter, Instagram, Facebook
    2. Member emails  
    3. Website with a active hyperlink that will give your members a discount to buy products and reimburse you 20% of their purchase (kits are priced at $99), so potential of extra $20 per member that clicks on it.
  2. Example promotional message:
    1. As part of our commitment to our members health, fitness and well-being, we recommend using Jump’s Pre & Post Workout Skincare



  1. Better hygiene as all members are encouraged to use cleanser prior to coming into gym
  2. Keeps skin healthy, and improves appearance, and keeps skin hydrated after working out.
  3. Dermatologist created skincare program.


For more information about becoming a corporate partner, please contact us at or chat with us now.